Time Waves is an installation made in collaboration with Rotterdam artist Tess Martin. It was presented at WORM on December 7, 2019 and is a sort of animation loop with live foley sound. 

Here is the text that went underneath the framed photo:
"This is a photo of the Albatross, a wooden Steam Drifter, in Fraserburgh, Scotland. It was taken around 1909, and the man in the wheelhouse is Skipper John Ritchie, the great-great-grandfather of Rotterdam artist Tess Martin. Fraserburgh is a fishing town in the far northeast corner of Aberdeenshire, and for centuries Tess’ ancestors lived in a symbiotic relationship to the sea. Tess meditates on this relationship and her own family’s history by creating an animated loop of waves out of charcoal. On the other side of the North Sea, artist Stella Koppe has collected sand and debris from the beach at Hoek van Holland, and has used these items, already infused with their own history of their time spent in the water, to create an interactive sound sculpture that gives a voice to the waves. In this way, the sea has become a time traveling device - to connect past and present, coast to coast, water and dust." - Time Waves

Tess Martin and Stella Koppe
Charcoal animation, wood, plastic and sand

Supported by Stichting WORM.

Time Waves, in collaboration with Tess Martin, December 2019, Rotterdam, NL

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