WormHole is an edition of Proeftuin, a recurring exposition held at the Dordrecht Center of Fine Arts (CBK Dordrecht). Edwin van der Heide and Joost Rekveld invited a number of Interfaculty Image and Sound/ArtScience graduates to make works within the concept of “sound worlds” that they had developed for this project.

Each of the ten sound worlds is a collection of sounds linked to specific GPS locations in the center of Dordrecht. The exhibition visitor gets a GPS interface, headphones, and a map with a description of each sound world. The person chooses a world he would like to explore and goes into the city. That sounds of that world become audible and can be heard through the headphones at the locations chosen by the artist.

My sound world is called Klankplein. This world is concentrated around Statenplein, the city square near CBK Dordrecht. The square is filled with volumes of sounds that touch each other, overlap or hang above each other in layers. The sounds are produced using different types of audio synthesis, which gives every part of the square its unique sound. By searching for different routes withing the square the listener can navigate through the whole composition and thereby get his own sound experience.

The sound worlds can be experienced from October 4st 2008 till April 5th 2009
Wormhole website CBK Dordrecht

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